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Sugar Glaze By Deez D'nuts 100ml Shortfill

Sugar Glazed: The Simple Pleasure of Sweet Perfection

Enjoy the simple pleasure of a light and airy donut smothered in a sweet sugar glaze, bringing pure bliss to your palate. This flavor is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and transport you to a donut shop in the summertime.

The sugar glaze is made with real sugar and is perfectly sweet and sticky. It is bursting with flavor, and it is the perfect topping for a donut. The donut is light and airy, and it provides the perfect base for the glaze.

Additional Information
Main Flavour: Doughnut, Sugar glaze
PG/VG Ratio: 30/70
Bottle Size: 100ml e-liquid in a 120ml bottle
Each flavour is crafted with a 70% VG base for smooth, thick clouds and intense flavour delivery. You can also customize the nicotine strength of your e-liquid by adding 2x 10ml nicotine shots.

Whether you're a fan of classic donuts or more unique flavours, DEEZ D'Nuts has something for everyone. Treat yourself to these heavenly concoctions and embark on a journey of pure vaping delight. All of the Deez D'nuts range is available in 10ml nic salt and 100ml shortfill bottles to cater to all vapers.