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SKE Crystal Lemon & Lime 4in1 Prefilled Pods

by SKE

Vapestreams Wholesale brings you the all new SKE Crystal Lemon & Lime 4in1Prefilled Pods. Indulge in the citrusy goodness of the Lemon & Lime SKE Crystal 4in1 pre-filled pods. Each puff delivers the instantly familiar flavour of zesty lemon enhanced by a tangy lime finish to create a refreshing vape flavour.

Designed for use with the SKE Crystal 4in1 pod kit, these pods come in a convenient four-pack, with each pod containing 2ml of e-liquid and providing up to 600 puffs—equivalent to a standard disposable vape. Featuring a nic salt blend for quicker craving satisfaction and a smooth throat hit, these pods are perfect for MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhales, producing a discreet amount of vapour for a satisfying vaping experience.

To use simply remove the mouth piece and insert the pre-filled pods into your SKE 4in1 device. Replace the mouth piece then rotate to select your desired pod and inhale for a burst of delicious Lemon & Lime flavour. With convenience and quality in mind, these pods are designed to enhance your vaping sessions with ease.

Flavour Profile:


2ml E-Liquid Capacity (Per Pod)
Approx 600 Puffs (Per Pod)
2% Nicotine (Per Pod)
4 pack